We are committed to support those who are new arrivals to South Australia by also providing information about assistance that is available,including social welfare services, employment, housing and accommodation and new migration laws.

Please read a few of the testimonials we received from the people we have served before.

“We migrated as family of 6. It was a cultural migration too. First thing after our arrival was to find Adelaide Christian Centre via the internet and we met with Pr Gregg. We had so many needs being big family. One day Pr Gregg came with a team and trailer full of furniture, sofas, washing machine, and a fridge. God answered our prayers via Sturt St church. Situation came that we needed food as we had very less money, we prayed and Pr Gregg started supplying us food support on weekly basis. Adelaide Christian Centre also helped us with weekly food provision and Pr Gregg also supported us emotional and spiritual. Through Adelaide City care it was arranged that I could be trained to write my resume and also to help me improve my interview skills. Adelaide Christian Centre and Adelaide City Care help and support for my family is never ending.” – Saqib (Pakistan)

“As new migrants we were heartily welcomed and supported by Adelaide City Care. Their assistance and help especially during a crisis we faced with our accommodation during our early months in Adelaide is remarkable. Though I, my wife and my two daughters miss our extended family and friends in India, our association with Adelaide City Care and Adelaide Christian Centre fills that gap to a greater extent. Adelaide Christian Centre is a wonderful haven where our family is experiencing joy, love and fellowship. ACC gives opportunities for our kids to showcase their talents and gifts for the glory of God’s name. Connect groups, picnics, annual camp and multi-cuisine food by church caterers are our favourites in Adelaide Christian Centre.” – Rajesh & Gracey (India)

For us Adelaide City Care has provided assistance in the moment we needed it the most. Not only have they helped us securing our actual first rental accommodation (supporting us in all stages), helped us with our first fridge and furniture, etc; but most importantly of all they’ve provided encouragement and hope in many different ways to keep us focused in reaching our goals. We will always be indebted to them. – Gaston & Maria Sol (Bolivia)

I used to attend ‘Speak Hear Speak’ session until other study and work commitment blocked me. It was held in a very comfortable atmosphere by great teachers and other participants, so not only a person like me who is shy could practise English well but also it was a good chance to make new friends! – Ariel Yun (Korea)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my experience. For me, it is a wonderful family in a faraway land that helped me settle down with godly friends I can share with. They taught me how to fit in and get the job I wanted. They also provided for my needs without asking. Thank you. – Sandra (Nigeria)

I was impressed by a kind welcome received every time I visited the church. No matter where you come from or what you do, you would feel that people in this church are regarding you as their friend or family as they do to me – Kevin Kim (Korea)