Adelaide City Care has been set up as a public benevolent organisation to provide assistance to the disadvantaged members of the community including new arrivals to South Australia.

The mission of City Care is empowering people for life change.

We are committed to support those who are new arrivals to South Australia by also providing information about assistance that is available,including social welfare services, employment, housing, accommodation, banking and finance.

In 2006, the new migrant demographic was recognized as a potentially disadvantaged group and, as such, these services were available to those newly arrived to Australia.

Through Adelaide City Care, programs were conceptualized and came into being. These initiatives assist new arrivals combat social isolation, foster social inclusion and increase their employability. They are also geared towards helping migrants ease their settlement in Australia, assimilate with the broader community and improve their family lifestyle.

New Arrival (welcome) Dinners began in 2006 and have always been a popular and significant event amongst those who have recently arrived in Australia. They have helped migrants, students, skilledworkers and refugees.

Over 3,500 new entrants have attended, enjoyed and taken part in these special dinners and to make it worth their while, experienced resource speakers have been invited to speak on the topics of accommodation and housing, education, employment, banking and finance.


(What we do)

Empowering people for life change.


(How we do it)

Engage people with our community

Establish people into the community

Equip people for resettlement and employment

Empower people to fulfil their potential

Core Values

(What is important to us)

Authentic Community
Life change best happens through supporting and accountable relationships.

Embracing Diversity
We bridge racial, cultural, socio-economic and generational gaps through a spirit of acceptance and unity.

Empowering People for Life Change
We empower and equip people to reach their full potential.


Please meet our staff who are more than willing to answer any of your queries.

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